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Mihkel Võsotski


Jaama 8 / Haapsalu mnt. 8, Keila, Harju County, 76605

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JÄÄ was created in order to share its great passion, experienced in the world, with Estonians; to "bring" unexpected and interesting dishes and flavor combinations to Estonia.

For years, we have traveled the world as a family and "hunted" for local food. This means that we go to places where locals go and try to spend as much time as possible in different countries so that the so-called to hit the mat. The food is not necessarily Michelin or street food, but as it happens - sometimes this way, sometimes that way.

For us, food is a reflection of culture and an important part of it. A well-executed and thought-out dish can create indelible memories for a lifetime!

When you look at JÄÄ's menu, you might get the feeling that the creator of the menu is a bit confused, because the countries we serve are just so different. I assure you, it is not! There are a lot of ideas and recipes from different countries and I want to share them with you - from Latin America to Asia.

Japanese, South Korean, Thai and Chinese cuisines are particularly close to my heart. At the same time, there are gems here and there in Europe that have enchanted my taste buds so much that I have sometimes traveled back to another country and to a specific restaurant specifically to eat an unforgettable dish there again (a'la, for example, Nuremberg's Blaue Zipfel or Dijon's Oeuf en meurette' i).

When someone says "Asian cuisine", for me it always immediately raises the question: what kind of country and region's cuisine? The menu of different Asian countries is sometimes VERY different! For example, it is believed that Chinese cuisine is definitely "venin" and spicy, but it is not so. Take even Cantonese cuisine, it's sweeter than ours! However, Sheshuan's kitchen, just by looking at it, the dragon begins to squeeze out of every body cavity.

Or, for example, Thailand. Thailand hosted us for so many winters and of course, what do you do when you have a great interest in food and have time to spare? Of course, you go through some cooking schools! So is our family. Thanks to our long stays there and the cooking schools, Thai cuisine is very close to our hearts. We will definitely offer authentic Thai cuisine in ICE without blinking an eye!
South Korea and Japan. Although they don't "love" each other too much, these two countries really respect each other's food! Sometimes you can't tell who got the recipes from which, because a lot of the same things are done in the same way.

However, I must admit that Japanese cuisine is richer. Yes, South Korean cuisine is one of our favorites, that's why we have a Korean Grill and a Mookata pan in our kitchen, but let's just say that the Japanese are more diverse.

In any case, I promise that both cuisines can be tasted on ICE!

Since there are really many ideas about which food to share with you, we have decided to go the route of changing the dishes on the menu every few months.

"Wine is a learned taste. The more you drink, the more you drink!" my own quote
Our love of wine led us to bring all the wines offered at JÄÄ to the country ourselves. These are small but very highly rated wineries. Based on the principle of sustainability, we offer only old world wines and spirits.
So many of the wines in our selection are a treat for the collector or serious wine lover. Be sure to come try it!

I am so proud that Mihkel Võsotski is in our team! Not only is she a talented chef, but she also has a great mind, intelligent humor, and is just a very lovable person! Mihkel is a young man, but he has an old soul. He is smart, listens and gives advice when necessary. Mihkle is a great teammate. Estonians should be happy that such a talent has returned to Estonia and is sharing what he has learned and experienced in the world with us!

At JÄÄ you can hear live music, enjoy 7-course dinners, celebrate birthdays and organize various events.
This restaurant offers you the possibility to make online reservations; you will receive confirmation immediately after making the reservation.

You can check the availability of the time when you choose the date and number of people.
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