Om House — ресторан азиатской кухни в самом центре Таллинна

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Nikita Kossenkov


Rotermanni 18/2, Таллинн, Харьюмаа, 10111

Пн     12:00 - 23:00  
Вт     12:00 - 23:00  
Ср     12:00 - 23:00  
Чт     12:00 - 23:00  
Пт     13:00 - 01:30  
Сб     13:00 - 01:30  
Вс     13:00 - 23:00  

Om House is an Asian-inspired restaurant with an open kitchen in the heart of Tallinn

Om House restaurant combines urban style and a healthy lifestyle.
Our goal is to offer a tasty, affordable and healthy menu for conscious metropolitans who want to get food made from the highest quality ingredients. Our Asian menu takes you on a gastronomic journey through the flavors of the East and the understanding of the West.
If you're wondering what exactly Asian means, you've come to the right place. Our Asian menu includes dishes from different peoples and cultures from all over the Asian continent.
You can find traditional Japanese sashimi, a modern Vietnamese vegetable dish, spicy Thai green curry, and traditional Chinese cuisine side by side in the same menu.
If you are looking for something exciting outside of your usual taste comfort zone, the Asian menu offers you opportunities to experience something out of the ordinary and out of the ordinary.
If you are a seasoned visitor, we invite you to our chef's table

Om.house has two private dining rooms. Both the BRIGHT TATAMI and LIGHT TATAMI rooms can accommodate up to 10 people, offering the opportunity to privately enjoy Asian dishes such as Korean BBQ, locally known as Gogi-Gui (고기기이). This refers to a method characteristic of Korean cuisine where thin slices of meat (such as beef and chicken) or shrimp are grilled on a gas or charcoal grill built into the dining table.
The dining rooms are ideal for holding private dinners, meetings and other private events and celebrating anniversaries.
Bar concept
A bar is no longer just a place of entertainment, it should be a place that offers healthy products and a pleasant approach.
The concept of our bar is a mix of the well-known classic approach in a modern key, supported by minimalistic, recognizable and clean flavors with innovative additions, which are suitable for both a thoroughly thought-out evening and daytime menu.
You are invited to enjoy healthy and daytime drinks.
Alcohol is no longer the center of the bar, it is your well-being, balance and satisfaction!
In summer, Om.house awaits you on a comfortable and spacious terrace with heated tables that can accommodate up to a hundred guests.

If you start with the meal, the flavors of several Asian regions come together in the restaurant's kitchen. So if you happen to have a situation where one member of the group wants to go to Thailand, another to Japan, and the third to, say, a Korean restaurant, then Om.house is exactly the kind of restaurant where everyone can land happily. There are many possibilities. Just want to have dinner? You can. Would you like a business lunch or a lunch offer? Here you go! You can also sit in the privacy of a private room in a smaller group, watch the fun of the open kitchen as a background for dining in the larger hall, enjoy the chef's table, pop a hookah, hang out on the terrace in warm weather, hang out at the impressively equipped bar counter, or chill with your friends while listening to a DJ set in the evening.

Europark parking lot.
Rotermann club -10%


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BRIGHT TATAMI private room up to 10 people
LIGHT TATAMI private room up to 10 people
Business meetings

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