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Indrek Käen


14 – 16

Raekoja plats 8, Tallinn, Harju county, 10146
(directly opposite the Town Hall)

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Estonian, Russian, English, Finnish

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Welcome, honourable guest!

The Maikrahv is a merry and splendid restaurant where noble ladies and gentlemen, aldermen, industrious citizens, merchants from lands far away and other visitors can enjoy a good meal and a refreshing drink.

The Maikrahv restaurant is directly opposite the Town Hall, on the most important square in Tallinn. In the kitchen of the restaurant, mouth-watering delicacies are prepared by our master of dishes, Indrek Käen, who has learned the culinary arts in such distant places as the Mediterranean and the land of the Vikings, and anywhere else in the wide world where people know how to make delicious dishes.

The Maikrahv has another attraction besides the wonderful food: there is always merry and romantic music, selected to satisfy even the most sophisticated taste. Our decorated arched halls can accommodate up to two hundred and twenty hungry souls at once. In the nice summer weather we also offer the best nourishment on the restaurant terrace. Should there be a smaller company – say, two dozen – of honourable ladies and gentlemen, wishing to engage in pleasant conversation and a meal, they will find the hall of the Brotherhood of the Blackheads most convenient for that purpose. Our tables and chairs are made of sterling oak and the porcelain plates have been made by Norwegian craftsmen especially for use by the dear guests of the Maikrahv. Servants of the house, bringing food and drink to your tables, are of proper upbringing, always of polite disposition and are well-versed in many foreign languages.

The Count of May (in Estonian: Maikrahv) festivals were held in medieval Tallinn to celebrate springtime, youth and happiness. The festivals, dedicated to the Count of May as the symbol of spring, signified the victory of spring over winter. Organized at first by the Merchant Guild and later by the Brotherhood of the Blackheads, the festivals were held during the week of Whitsuntide, also known as Pentecost, and lasted the whole week. On Monday there was a festive feast, and on Tuesday morning a fancy procession made its way out of the town to the oak forest of Kopli. This was the place where a tournament was held for young men to compete in riding and shooting. The overall winner was granted the title of “Count of May” and crowned with a birch garland. The new Count of May then had the honour of choosing a Countess of May from among eight lovely maidens in a rose garden in front of the Great Coast Gate (Suur Rannavärav). In addition to this right, the Count of May was entitled to grant liberty to a prisoner on this day. On Thursdays, the festival crowd rode around the town in a procession, and on Sundays there was another feast and a ball. The Count of May treated his attending ladies and torch holders to a delicious meal and offered 30 marks for the feast.

The “Count of May” title was granted for one year. It was customary that on Whitsuntide the Count and his attendants rode out of town to have fun. On other church holidays, he and the blackheads participated in processions where they held huge candles, the Count of May lights. The Count of May festivals were held in Tallinn from the 13th to the 16th centuries.

Nowadays, the tradition of choosing the Count and Countess of May is revived each year during the Old Town Days. The Maikrahv restaurant hopes to contribute to the wider introduction of this old festival tradition.
This restaurant offers you the possibility to make online reservations; you will receive confirmation immediately after making the reservation.

You can check the availability of the time when you choose the date and number of people.


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Kaido 09:34 09.03.2020

Meeldiv toit ja atmosfäär

Raili 10:33 25.12.2019

Suurepärane jõuluõhtusöök. Täname Teid

Katts 10:02 24.11.2019

Toit oli väga maitsev ja suurepärane. Teenindus, oli sõbralik, aga mitte väga professionaalne

Katrin 10:21 22.11.2019

Väga tore teenindus,hea söök.Kindlasti soovitan kõigile.

Morgan 23:01 26.12.2018

Thank you for fantastic service and food we had a very nice time . 5#

Satu Kesela 09:54 09.12.2018

Food was exelent. Service was very very good. Everything go so smoothly. We will recommend this restaurant. Thank you very much we have present evening.

Pilleriin 09:05 01.02.2018

Kõik oli väga tore, eriti meeldis teenindus

Pertti Lehto 21:16 10.12.2017

Palvelu oli ystävällistä ja nopeaa. Ruoka oli suurimmaksi osaksi hyvää, paitsi kananrinta oli päässyt kuivaksi. Suosittelen kuitenkin. The service was quick and friendly. Food was delicious all in all, but chicken was bit dry. I would recommend.

naine Tallinnast 22:16 27.01.2016

Toit oli maitsev ning teenindus väga hea. Eriti soovime tänada meeldiva õhtu eest meie teenindajat Eliisi.

Kontsert meeldis 23:11 23.02.2015

Söök oli okei, teenindus samuti. Läksime rohkem Dave Bentonit kuulama ja tema oli väga hea.