This environment is an open, like a poem, which runs through the world with its diversity.

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Rakesh Kumar


Vene tn 5, Tallinn, Harju county, 10123

Mon     12:00 - 22:00  
Tue     12:00 - 22:00  
Wed     12:00 - 22:00  
Thu     12:00 - 22:00  
Fri     12:00 - 22:00  
Sat     12:00 - 22:00  
Sun     12:00 - 22:00  

You have entered a very unique environment.

If it is bossanova you are listening to right now, then it's probably performed by Japanese, if the rhytms are Asian, they are created by some London genius of Indian origin, and the hip-hop is obviously mixed by DJs from Vienna.

The room around you is ecologically clean. The wall surfaces are finished with natural paints, the recipes of those originating from Medieval Europe, containing ingredients like eggs, cottage cheese and natural pigments from Northern Africa. The doors and floors are covered with natural oil.

The most unprecedented experience is the food. The menu you have just opened combines elements from India's long history and noisy streets of today's Calcutta, five star restaurant chefs and Northen India's homemade food, other national cuisines and ayurveda medicine. Here you will find a large variety of traditional vegeterian and as many untraditional meat dishes - everything you will find nowhere else in Tallinn.

This environment is open, like a poem, the whole world in it's colorful variety flowing through it.

Restaurant Elevant Thali hall (small hall) seats up to 18 guests, and our big hall up to 50 guests. To ensure a table at Elevant, reservations are recommended. You are even welcome to book both of our halls.

With nice weather in the Summer we open in Vene street inside courtyard open-air terrace. It is also possible to book the table there.

For parties of over 10 guests, we would recommend you either to pre-order the food and drinks from our web menu or ask for our special group offer. To do so please choose 3-4 main dishes from our webside: we could serve them on the bigger plates - so everybody could try different tastes - or say us which components you prefer - so we could recommend some if you would like so.

Your Restaurant Elevant


The restaurant responds to offline reservations as soon as possible. For urgent questions, please call the restaurant's direct number.
Summer terrace if possible
Near childrens play corner if possible
We wish to stay for longer than 3 hours
Private room if possible
Wedding anniversary

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Birgit 09:58 28.08.2022

The service was quite poor. The young girls looked like they were really tired of being at work, no recommendations in the menu or no alternatives offered. Sad service but the food was really good!

Kristel 08:31 04.06.2022

Väga hubane, super teenindus, väga maitsev toit. Lähen tagasi!

Stella 09:24 08.05.2022

Väga armas restoran,teenindus hea ja toit suurepärane,kindlasti soovitan ka teistele ning külastan ka ise edaspidi☺️

mait 10:14 12.11.2021


Marge 10:24 15.03.2021

Kõik oli väga meeldiv.

Gunnar Vemmal Saar 19:42 10.09.2020

Väga head toidud ja vaieldamatult on tegu pealinna kõige stiilsema elevandiga!

Maksim 10:54 17.06.2018

Было вкусно. Заказали лося, мясо было нежным, порция большая. Цены оправдывают порции, так что сходить можно

Ingrid Sau 13:09 01.01.2018

Maisvad vürtsikad toidud, hubane ja armas restoran.

Aire Muuga 18:50 30.10.2017

Restoran väga õdus ja toit maitsev. Teenindaja vist vihkas meid, kõike pidime ise juurde küsima ja teenindas meid äärmise vastumeelsusega, kahju.

Piret 09:10 03.04.2017

Väga hea toit ja hubane restoran! Aitäh

Margit 09:13 19.02.2017

Väga maitsva söögiga meeldiv ja hubane koht!

Egle 15:36 03.02.2016

Väga hea koht, hubane ja mõnus. Toit - suurepärane!

male from Finland 19:36 22.11.2015

Excellent choice

male from Helsinki 19:26 22.11.2015

Service Was poor, Food Was nice