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Andres Allas


11 – 13

Pirita tee 56, Tallinn, Harju County, 10127
(History Museum)

Mon     Closed  
Tue     16:00 - 22:00  
Wed     12:00 - 22:00  
Thu     12:00 - 22:00  
Fri     12:00 - 23:00  
Sat     12:00 - 23:00  
Sun     12:00 - 22:00  

Do you know where the most beautiful view of the Gulf of Tallinn is and where it is possible to enjoy it with a glass of champagne and the best flavors directly on the open-air terrace? Where was the most popular and luxurious restaurant-nightclub in the Riviera Palais during the First Republic?

We have come to travel a little back in time and bring the flavors and scent of the Golden Age to you in a slightly more modern way now. We will revitalize this unique restaurant, with a unique classic French brasserie orientation and a million-dollar view directly on Tallinn Bay.

We have brought together the best team that has grown up from the heat and dizzying cuisine of Saltrestoran and is more than ready to create something extraordinary for you on a completely different scale.

We start every morning at 10 am with the museum, and just a short walk away you will find the best breakfasts in Tallinn, the ideas of which we have created together through our taste experiences from different trips.

From 12 onwards, we offer an excellent food menu, geared towards a selection of top brasseries in Paris today. Throughout the summer, probably the largest terrace with a sea view is open from the high shore, where you can enjoy the tastes of our small barbecue kitchen for the whole day.

When the museum closes its doors for a night's sleep, a magical fairy tale begins on the night Riviera.

Our brasserie brings you delicious home-cooked French-style food at the right price for both adults and children, and just as you can enjoy it on site in France. Fresh seafood awaits you every day, from oysters to classic Marseille-style mussels, Boeuf a la tartar, fresh oysters, French toast and foie gras, merquez sausages and wonderful crepes… Will we continue?

On Sunday mornings we will definitely bring you a rich brunch morning.
In addition to the main restaurant, we offer the opportunity to celebrate your anniversaries, events, children's birthdays in one of our bottomless castle halls or in a wonderful castle park connected to the film museum. We are open to all your wishes and organize the dream dinner or party for you according to your wishes, starting with a glamorous champagne private dinner and ending with catering for company events and children's birthdays. We have ideas.
We continue with five teas, which are very popular in the golden age, where we offer the best selection of teas and delicious snacks.

Every day we can enjoy fresh oysters and a glass or two of the best champagne or a nice cocktail next to it…

Our wine list will be carefully selected, with the best price-quality ratio.
The next generation is very important to us. Children are our future, and this fact must be taken very seriously in today's food world. Our slightly smaller guests will probably have the most innovative and delicious separate children's card, a bonus of hundreds of square meters of free running and a play area in the fresh air.

We take into account the special rules caused by Covid-19 in our restaurant and we definitely offer a takeaway service for the whole menu.

Your Tiina Kõresoo & team
This restaurant offers you the possibility to make online reservations; you will receive confirmation immediately after making the reservation.

You can check the availability of the time when you choose the date and number of people.


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Gerli 10:30 20.06.2021

Väga maitsvad toidud ja lossi aias einestamise võimalus

Kristjan 21:23 18.06.2021

Väga mõnus elamus, soovitan!

Margus 17:59 15.03.2021

Lubatud lastenurk on muuseumiga kahasse. Õhtul. kui muuseum on kinni, siis seda kasutada ei saa.

Marko Privoi 21:40 15.09.2020

Asukoht ja toit olid head, ilm oli ka super (Augusti lõpp). Paraku ei olnud minu broneeringut kusagil kirjas aga kuna ruumi oli siis valisime ise laua. Meile ja kõrvallauda sattus teenindaja, kes tegeles rohkem teiste laudadega. Õnnes ühe teise toreda teenindaja kaudu saime oma tellitud toidud lõpuks kätte. Pidin kirjutama varem aga ununes. Tänaseks olen juba unustanud meile sattunud teenindaja nime.

Kairi 10:31 19.08.2020

Väga hea toit ja teenindus. Suurepärane asukoht. Nauditav on ilusa ilmaga olla terrassil ja kogeda imelisi vaateid.

Ron 13:44 20.06.2020

kõik oli väga hea

Riin 14:03 18.06.2020

Menüü on söögikoha visiitkaart, praegusel kujul on see väga häiriv, kõik keeled on läbisegi eestikeelse menüü all. Soovitan kasutada eesti keelt valdava inimese abi, neil võõrkeelsetel sõnadel on eesti keeles tähendused olemas. Selle vastu eksivad mitmed söögikohad, kuid sellisel tasemel koht võiks ka menüü õigekirja oluliseks pidada.