Mantel and Chimney - our lovely little green wooden house with a red roof and a gorgeous mantle chimney in Kadriorg.

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Jüri Vainküla, sommelier - Rain Veskimäe


Jaan Poska 19a, Tallinn, Harju County, 10150

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Restaurant Mantel ja Korsten - our lovely little green wooden house with a red roof and a gorgeous mantle chimney. That's how our new restaurant got its name - after a beautiful mantle chimney, which beautifies in the middle of the restaurant and is currently the only mantle chimney in Kadriorg. Our visitors can also enjoy this charm of the chimney - we have made a separate small private dining room in the mantle chimney.

We didn't have much desire to do another restaurant, but sometimes things happen in life so much that one thing led to another. There are two very special people in Mantel ja Korsten - the manager and sommelier of the new restaurant Robert Põld and the chef Jüri Vainküla, who has been working with us since the beginning of the restaurant Moon, which means more than 8 years and has reached the ceiling with his abilities and ambition. It can be said that we made this restaurant for them, because two great people, whose skills and abilities have grown bigger than we could offer in Moon - now, fortunately, they can test themselves here in Mantli and Korstna.

Robert has put together a drink card, which he himself introduces to the guests with the greatest pleasure. The three white and three red and two sparkling wines we offer with glass are not "comfort wines". A few more rare spirits (Kazakh eco-wine, for example) are also added, and pots are often simmered in the kitchen, the contents of which are used to make cocktails and house fries.

In the new restaurant we offer author's cuisine, where you can find swordfish and mackerel in the menu, as well as beets and fresh cabbage, and why not thyme. In short, we try to offer a variety of ideas offered by the Mediterranean winds, as well as exciting wines and drinks.

If the restaurant Kolm Sibulat is a restaurant Moon brother, then we think that Mantel ja Korsten is their little sister.

Parking: Jaan Poska Street, downtown area. 3 places in the yard.


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Summer terrace if possible
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Grete 09:00 26.11.2022

Väga maitsvad ja omanäolised road, teenindus oli hooliv ja asjatundlik. Meeldis hubane õhustik ja inerjöör.

Jana 10:19 24.08.2022

Kahju, et suvel restoranil ei ole terassi. Muidu kõik oli väga maitsev. Soovitan!

Signe 23:06 14.07.2022

Üle ootuste maitsvad toidud - tõeline gurmee-elamus. Mõnus atmosfäär ja väga sõbralik ning asjatundlik teenindus. Soovitan soojalt!

Krista 09:12 03.07.2022

Armas koht, meeldiv teenindus

Mai 09:47 22.05.2022

Väga armas teenindaja ning maitsev toit! Koht ise samuti armsake, ainult meie mõnusat viibimist segasid häälekad põhjanaabrid..

Kaisa 10:14 15.05.2022

Väga maitsev toit, ilus restoran ja hea teenindus.

Eno 19:01 19.04.2022

Populaarne koht ja põhjusega!

Kristi 08:36 28.01.2022

Väga maitsev toit, hästi sisustatud restoran ning tasemel teenindus!

Kristina 22:13 21.10.2021

Kõik oli väga meeldiv, nii restorani atmosfäär, toit kui teenindus. Tuldi meelsasti vastu ka erisoovidele. Soovitan kindlasti

Ester 10:13 06.09.2021

Meeldiv keskkond ja maitsev söök. Väga hooliv ja meeldiv teenindus..

Kersti Kotkas 10:49 18.11.2020

Mõnus kohake. Lauad kahele on koroonaajastut silmas pidades liiga tihedalt koos. Toit oli maitsev, ent praetaldrikud peaksid olema eelnevalt soojendatud. Kannutäie kraanivee eest kaks eurot küsida on liig.

Teele 13:24 10.10.2020

Mõnus restoran!

Annika 11:17 23.09.2020

Super elamus!