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Every carnivore’s paradise – where grilling is passion and love!

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Hanno Kuul


Tartu mnt 80, Tallinn, Harju County, 10112

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Argentiina, this means love and passion for grilled meat – un amor y pasión por el asado. ¡Olé!

Asado is an emotion, a story about happiness, passion, and love – just like tango argentine danced at night on the streets of Buenos Aires. However, if tango is simply hot, asado is fiery, even more spicy and sizzling. And of course Buenos Aires itself – impatiently glimmering megacity with its streets filled with delicious grilling aroma. The wandering smoky scent pulls you in and makes every justification for the suave name of the restless metropolis: Buenos Aires – “Good Air”.

This air belongs to asado, and truth be told, it is much more than just grilling. Just like asado is a lifestyle, belief, and pleasure, our menu contains a full array of flavors, basing its dishes on high quality beef.
The grilling art of Argentina that is inviting, dramatic and intimate all at the same time, reaches over the grasslands and Patagonia deserts to Andes Mountains all the way to the Land of Fire and even beyond. Asado is everywhere. Asado is the whole world.

This is the world that Argentiina Restaurant offers to you, bringing the flavors from the other side of the world to your table, as far as from the Tropic of Capricorn. Naturally, it all starts with high quality ingredients, which arrive at the restaurant from the world’s best farms in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Australia. One by one, giant mouthwatering steaks, famous all over town, are being prepared on a sizzling open fire grill right in front of your eyes. The most impressive grilled meats among our customers are 400-gram beef tenderloins, enormous tomahawk steaks, beef ribs, Angus beef, entrecote steaks, Iberico pork ribs, New Zealand lamb chops, T-bone and much more. Or course, our menu also considers the needs of seafood lovers, and all others, who were born under the Gourmet constellation. A global wine selection is available to those with a more refined sense of taste.

Asado is like an edible poetry. If taste could have a hymn, it would probably be called asado.

Buen provecho
This restaurant offers you the possibility to make online reservations; you will receive confirmation immediately after making the reservation.

You can check the availability of the time when you choose the date and number of people.


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Ksenia 09:36 23.05.2024

Hea toit, meeldiv teenindus

Priit 08:28 10.05.2024

Maitsev, kuid mitte toiduelamus. Sõbralik, asjalik teenindus.

Peeter 15:54 06.04.2024

Väga hea!

Tiina 12:06 01.04.2024

Kõik väga hea!

Irina Vernik 09:28 09.03.2024

Väga maitsev toit, Meil oli tore teenindaja

Maarja 13:00 27.02.2024

Väga positiivne kogemus. Teenindaja oli ülimeeldiv ja sõbralik. Toit imemaitsev ja väga suured portsionid.

Triin Rootalu 11:03 10.02.2024

Suurepärane õhtu, maitsev toit, hea seltskond ning väga meeldiv teenindaja ! Aitäh!

Renaldo Paabel 09:30 04.02.2024

Kõik sujus super hästi, meil oli väga tore teenindaja. toidud olid kõik maitsvad ja päris kindlasti sõime endid üle.

Karin 09:14 22.01.2024

Väga meeldiv koht õhtusöögiks

Peeter Nõlvak 08:25 18.01.2024

Väga maitsev toit ja hea teenindus!

Kristi 08:02 28.12.2023

Väga maitsev toit, mõnus interjöör ja kvaliteetne teenindus.

Kaarel Hallikas 11:06 01.12.2023

Mega hea toit ja teenindus

Jüri 15:50 18.11.2023

Hea toit ja teenindus hea

Marleen 08:17 05.11.2023

Väga maitsev toit ja suurepärased teenindajad!

Toivo 13:45 28.10.2023

Kõik oli viimase peal. Toit hõrk, portsud suured. Kelnerid viisakad ja meeldivad. Tasuta parkimine võiks olla pikem kui 2 tundi

Andrus 09:48 27.10.2023

Toit ja teenindus super!!!

Eve Marima 14:50 19.10.2023

Suurepärane toit ja meeldiv teenindus. Soovitan tulla ühistranspordiga. Parkimistrahv garanteeritud kui jääte kauemaks toitu nautima.

Ave 09:21 18.10.2023

Ma jäin kõigega väga rahule, aitäh!

Jûri Karu 10:52 12.09.2023

Kõik oli väga hea.