Business lunches and private rooms from one location

07. April, 2018

The search engine easily finds you a suitable catering facility.

The best Estonian restaurants can be found on the web page

In the search window write the word ""business meetings" and you will find restaurants with pleasant atmosphere and suitable for business lunches or dinners, which may be arranged privately or in a big hall together with other guests.

When you are looking for a private place for a business meeting, write ""private room or private hall" in the search window and we will find you the places, where you can have the meeting arranged. In addition you can write also ""projector" required in the search window to search for ""catering" facilities with a bigger or smaller hall with a projector available.

In order to find bigger halls, write ""conference room" in the search window to get information about restaurants with rooms suitable for arranging conferences and seminars.

If the search is not successful and you wish to talk to someone to get help in the search, contact us for free information via the e-mail address: [email protected] or call +372 513 5786.


Daisy Järvi CEO

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